Mini Raptor1 - Tracked robot crawler

The Mini Raptor1 is our own "off-the-shelf" model with minimal 'lead time'. The specifications for this model are:-

  • 12V System
  • Main body adopts 2mm thickness aluminium alloy for high strength and light weight
  • Wireless command (1km range)
  • Wireless HD video and optional additional PTZ cameras
  • 6DOF mechanical arm with grabber
  • 90 degrees of movement turret
  • Dual joystick control
  • Power to crawler via 25 meter power cable or optional on-board li-ion battery
  • Encrypted command communication
  • Infa-red night vision capability
  • Maximum unladen speed 9 km/h

All robot software engineering, both embedded C and C# HMI was carried out by

Mini Rapter1 robot crawler
Mini Rapter1 robot crawler
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